Supported games:

Cabal II [Site] Cabal II
Game developed with Cryengine 3.
Momentanly is opened only in KR. Probably in 2014 will be open in SEA( eng version) china and North America
Dungeon Keeper Online [Site] Dungeon Keeper Online
- Soon
Blade and Soul [Site] Blade and Soul
Call of Duty: Online (Chinese) [Site] Call of Duty: Online (Chinese)
Perhaps one of the most famous shooters now in online. And how: f2p! Run, shoot, kill, up' character weapon\etc, and, of course, donate. That's all so simple and logical, and if hieroglyphs not confuses you - chinese server waits only for you.

Chinese ID Reload

ID: 485815199209110917
Name: 杰克
Mobile number: 13807996664
Gender: Male
Birthdate: 11.09.1992

Korean ID Reload

ID: 820120-6226924
Gender: Female
Birthdate: 20.01.1982

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