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Warface Nexon [Site][Comments] Warface Nexon
Warface — computer game in genre MMOFPS. Warface is developed by three studies of Crytec company: Ukrainian - «Crytek Kiev», Sothkorean - «Crytek Seoul» and main German studio in Frankfurt-on-Main.

The exclusive publisher and distributor of games in China is a major Chinese company Tencent.
Game uses the CryEngine 3 and released for PC and Xbox360.
Firstle Warface looks at asian community, include China and South Korea; but has english localisation for Europe and USA.

It is F2P game.
Warface is a military shooter, which starts in 2023. The game will offer both classic full PvP battles and character classes, and cooperative mission in the concept of PvE.
Wartune [Site][Comments] Wartune
The game is fun, it shows that one could communicate with many other people from many other places, the game itself is difficult to understand but one must learn on his on in order to learn of the difficulty that the game has.
Dota2 [Site][Comments] Dota2
So.. soo. Anybody can commit variants of translations to comments (you need to be log-in).
網上幻獸 [Site][Comments] 網上幻獸
Fairy Tail Online [Site][Comments] Fairy Tail Online

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